We describe in relation the Roomba 960 vs Shark IQ to detect which one will ingest the dirt and debris in your home by a larger amount.

In a rush and urge to know the outcome?

Roomba 960 vs Shark IQ

The Roomba 960 tops this comparison of the Roomba 960 vs Shark IQ. The newest Shark IQ does a nice stint by storing many features into its robot vacuum, but it does not match up to iRobot and its best-selling Roomba 960.

Quick Comparison: iRobot Roomba 960 vs Shark IQ

ProductsFiltrationWi-Fi CapableDustbin CapacityScheduled CleaningWeightNavigation Technology
#1 ROOMBA 960High-Efficiency FilterYes600mlYes8.6 PoundsiAdapt 2.0
#2 Shark IQHigh Efficiency FilterYes 1850 ml XL CapacityYes6.9 PoundsIQ NAV

Size and Dimensions Comparison

The volumes of the Roomba 960 are 13.8” wide by 3.6” tall.

The upper cabinet is of the Roomba ideal design, with SPOT CLEAN, CLEAN and HOME buttons where they would have been predicted to be.

The colour of the Roomba 960 is space grey on the top board, a black highlight in the middle where the buttons are, and the grey is encircled by black.

The Shark IQ is formulated likewise to the Roomba 960 – circular with buttons on the top board and has a carrying handle.

The main discrepancy Roomba 960 vs Shark IQ  in the colour – it is entirely all-black and has central Shark branding on the top panel.

Being truthful, it glimpses a bit dull – Shark possibly concentrated more on enactment than layout for this model. The volumes are 12.6” in width by 3.5” in height.

The Roomba 960 weighs 8.5lbs and accentuates a carrying handle that compels it simple to haul around the house if you need to. The Shark IQ is lighter by relatively a bit, weighing in at 6.9lbs.

This lower weight is incredible for hauling around the house, but it may leave some people worrying about the stability of the unit to resist whacks and bumps.

Battery and Capacity Comparison

The Roomba 960 features a 14.4v lithium ion battery that powers it through 75 minutes of cleaning on a solo full charge.

A great characteristic lithium-ion 960 is that once the robot vacuum detects that its battery is running down too low to proceed in the middle of a job, it automatically finds its way back to the port to recharge.

The 960 has a Recharge and Resume characteristic that allows the 960 to automate recharge and after the recharging for 2-3 hours, the 960 will begin again cleaning from where it left off.

In comparison in Roomba 960 vs Shark IQ. The Shark IQ has an outstanding runtime of over 90 minutes – better than that of the Roomba 960. Like the Roomba, the Shark IQ also has a recharge and resume feature that restarts its cleaning job where it left off.

A full recharge from vacant takes about 300 minutes on the Shark IQ –more than the Roomba 960. That’s a big deliberation if you have a big home and require more than one cycle from the robot vacuum to do a perfect clean.

Filtration and Suction Comparison

The Roomba 960 come along with iRobot’s definitive High-Efficiency filter that apprehends 99% of airborne atoms especially as dust, mites, and toxic allergens from dogs and cats while the Roomba 960 is cleaning.

This characteristic keeps the air quality in your home stable and conserves those living with you who are tended to allergies.

The Roomba 960 offers improved cleaning operation – 900 Pa of suction strength enables it to efficiently formulate short work of anything you can throw at it – from dust and hair to bigger debris like cereal, rice and other various items of similar size.

From the comparison Roomba 960 vs Shark IQ.  There are 3 cleaning methods you can choose from the Roomba 960 – single-passed is when Roomba make a single round of cleaning around the area. Double pass mode brings about going two rounds rather one.

Voluntary mode gives your Roomba full sovereignty to assess how many passes it should take around your home.

Shark IQ’s cleaning execution isn’t exactly something to cheer about. Pertained to the Roomba, the lack of suction power and an inclination to get stuck in spontaneous places around the house makes it a bit discouraging .

You’ll have to physically restart it where it is presently located by pressing the buttons on the top board.

Just when you require credible electronics in your life and you don’t want to maintain to check on your vacuum every time it does a job. From both Roomba 960 vs Shark IQ.  

The self-emptying edition of the Shark IQ is cheaper than iRobot’s inexpensive self-emptying robot vacuum, the Roomba i7+. But the i7+ is in another class when it comes to being , so the price comparison isn’t reasonable either.

Navigation Comparison Between Roomba 960 vs Shark IQ

Roomba 960 features the iAdapt 2.0 navigation system (with vSLAM) in coincidence with an arrangement of auricular sensors and a front-facing camera.

That assortment allows it to easily navigate throughout the corners and gashes in your home, averting obstacles and perils such as cliffs and stairs.

Mapping capacities are built-in to the Roomba 960’s internal computer – this implies that a virtual floor plan of your home is built to allow the Roomba to clean more efficiently.

It’s moreover clue to recalling where it’s already cleaned when it immerses Recharge and Resume.

In both Roomba 960 vs Shark IQ, The IQ navigation system on the Shark IQ leaves a lot to be needed – the navigation can get a little bulky and the smart mapping system is inclined to errors.

It’s generally reported that it takes a long time for the Shark IQ to create a basic map of your home, and even if it does – there’s no warranty that the vacuum will heed the map.

Maintenance Comparison

The Roomba 960 does not have any self-emptying features, so the 600 mL dustbin has to be emptied Recharge. It normally takes a self-emptying week to fill up the dustbin for a normal-sized home.

Regular supervision such as wiping down the electrical contacts to curb charging issues is advised. Another maintenance tip is to check for stoppages like pet hair entrapment on the brush rolls and side wheels.

The comparison in Roomba 960 vs Shark IQ The characteristics of the Shark IQ in a self-emptying dustbin that makes sustenance a lot simpler.

Like any other electronic device, wiping down the unit, electrical contacts and checking for anything obstructing the suction system is advised to keep your robot vacuum working great for a long time.

Additional Features Comparison

The Roomba 960 comes with a dual-mode virtual wall device, which is a small device that obtains infrared rays to block your Roomba robovac’s passage to certain rooms, hallways or around particular portions of small furniture in your home.

The Shark IQ app enables you to set no-go zones on the virtual floor plan of your home through the app, much like how the virtual wall devices from Roomba does.

However, this depends on how productive your Shark IQ is at generating the virtual map – and by most user accounts, it’s just a matter of how considerate you are to ultimately get that actual map saved into your Shark IQ’s memory as to be compared from the Roomba 960 vs Shark IQ .

Pros and Cons of iRobot Roomba 960 vs Shark IQ

After all, through this article you have learned a lot about both robot vacuum, now if you are confused and cannot understand which robot vacuum is right for your house, then in such a situation, By reading the pros and cons given in the table below you will be able to easily choose one in the Roomba 960 vs Shark IQ.

Pros and Cons of Roomba 960


  • Has a Minimalistic Design
  • Cleaning performance is amazing
  • Navigation system is flawless


  • Doesn’t self-empty

Pros and Cons of Shark IQ


  • Great for homes with pets and also pet hair
  • Amazing app design


  • Not Powerful as Roomba


After all, through this summary, you have discovered a lot about both best robot vacuum Roomba 960 vs Shark IQ now if you are amazed and cannot understand which robot vacuum is right for your house, then in such a situation.

Regardless, both best robot vacuum cleaners pertain to the same company and both prove to be excellent in themselves and both deliver something at each slab.

Therefore our crew would like to opt-out Roomba 960 Vacuum Cleaner as it gives fine integrity for money.

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